Ladies First

As every year, you ladies will be opening the BIG PARADE on Saturday afternoon. But until that momentous occasion, several boutiques are available to you, free of charge. So visit them and enjoy a little pampering! Come and join us!

Leave an impression: You’re going to love this! A stand where you can leave your mark just like a street artist. Plunge your hand (or your foot) into the paint and leave your imprint on a huge fresco. 

But that’s not all. Snake, the famous graffiti artist from Toulouse, will add his own demonic touch and rework these murals with Harley model letter codes to finish off your works of art. 

Don’t miss his performance all day on Saturday May 10 in front of the Chrome & Roses stand. 

These pictures will then be auctioned for charity on Saturday May 10 on the main stage. On Thursday May 8 and Friday May 9 you can also see Snake working on Harley-Davidson fuel tanks. 

Look good: You’re going to love yourself! Harley ladies will be taken in hand by Mickaël Galateau and his team of prize-winners at the Global Salon Business Awards, Los Angeles 2008. They will advise you on the correct hairstyle prior to putting on your helmet and will tidy up your hair after your ride.

Opening hours: Thursday 14.00-20.00, Friday and Saturday 10.00-13.00 and 16.00-20.00.

Feel good: Lie back and relax! Harley ladies will be taken in hand by Didier Pouget and his team of qualified massage experts from the Hypoténuse Institute of Massage Therapy. Specialising in oriental techniques, Didier will offer a massage designed especially for female motorcycle drivers (shoulders, neck, spine, arms) and also one for pillion passengers with a choice of spine, back or thighs.

Come along and enjoy 20 minutes of wellbeing in the intimacy of the Chrome & Roses room.

Opening hours: Thursday 14.00-20.00, Friday and Saturday 10.00-13.00 and 16.00-20.00.

  • Ladies First
  • Ladies First
  • Ladies First

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